Brave Girls say they are happy being busy despite getting minimal sleep, which unfortunately makes sense

In case anybody was having doubts, Brave Girls have only continued their ascent to the point where I haven’t been able to continue to keep up to date with all they’ve been doing. Regardless, one thing of note that happened is them guesting on Immortal Songs 2, where they talked about their current hectic schedule.

When asked how many hours of rest the members got, Minyoung replied, “Recently we’ve been only getting 1~2 hours of sleep per day but today we were able to sleep 4 hours.” The MCs were surprised as four hours aren’t even enough time to sleep. MC Kim Shin Young then asked, “How many advertisements did you get to film?” to which Minyoung smiled and replied, “We recently filmed one for a game, we did an ad for snacks, clothing, and even cosmetics.” MC Shin Dong Yeop asked when are the times when Brave Girls are able to realize their popularity and the members replied, “When we won first place. We never thought in our life that we would achieve the first place.” Then the girl group thanked all their fans saying that this is like a miracle.

Fans have pointed out that they do get naps when traveling and all that, but most of the reaction to this news has not only been predictable but understandable. Concern for their health is valid, and I actually agree that there has to be a balance.

That said, I think this is just an unfortunate part of the fame trade-off. Their attitude isn’t rooted in delusion or anything, they simply know better than anybody that having this kind of packed schedule is what they’ve always wanted because the other side of it is also miserable. They recognize that fame is rare and fleeting, and they’re gonna go all out at least for now to take advantage of the chance they got. Depending on how things go, this could end as soon as the next comeback, which is the unfortunate reality of their industry.

Should it be normalized? Ideally, no. But ideally, the music industry as it is currently wouldn’t be normalized either. It’s all pretty disturbing norms, and the top-tier groups are the only ones who really have the financial security to potentially stand up against it. Brave Girls aren’t at that point and can’t change that now, and I have my doubts about any narrative that they’re being forced into this by their company because it does make sense that they’d be eager to cash in.

So the netizens are right, but I also feel like it’s easy for netizens to say they should pass on these chances to get more sleep when their careers aren’t on the line in a brutal industry. It sucks, but believe their desire is true and basically they gotta do what they gotta do at this point.

Hopefully they just take EXID Solji‘s advice into consideration and know their limit if they continue their ascent past this period.


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