Ryu Sera talks her CEO threatening to break her legs, transitioning to YouTube, more in interview with Fefo Caires

In things I didn’t expect, Ryu Sera recently gave an interview to Brazilian journalist/YouTuber Fefo Caires. While most of these affairs sort of retread the same old stories and news to a different audience, Sera actually revealed a lot of information here that I had not been aware of previously.

Notably, she mentions that she found out about her exit from the group via news reports as she was negotiating for further autonomy for the group, and that Star Empire Entertainment‘s CEO had huge connections and threatened to break her legs if he saw her again, which drove her away from other companies and onto platforms like YouTube.

To those who kinda followed Nine Muses and Star Empire, this isn’t necessarily shocking as there have been rumors (as well as evidence from Nine Muses Of Star Empire) circulating for a while, but to get it direct from Sera is certainly new.

There was also a bunch of other stuff that she’s talked about before that she expanded on that make the whole thing worth a watch.

During the interview, one of the things Sera briefly mentioned was that she was the first idol to head to YouTube, and after thinking about it I believe she’s right. Back when she used it to document handmaking albums for fans and stuff, I remember what a novelty it was to have a idol on the platform.

Sera paved the way.

Also, remember that Sera is on Twitch from time to time and her streams are generally quality.


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