CJ E&M is gonna bring their audition show fuckery to HBO MAX & Latin America to debut a boy group

After rigging every audition show in existence in Korea and getting slapped on the wrist for it, CJ E&M is now partnering with Endemol Shine Boomdog for an audition show to form a Latin American boy band that will be shown on HBO MAX.

The show will follow a group of young men from Latin America audition for an opportunity of a lifetime to fly to Korea to train under the K-pop secretive star-making system to launch the first K-pop coached Latin American super group. Throughout the music competition show, contestants are tested with challenges designed to not only evaluate their individual abilities, but to help them come together as a diverse, yet unified boy band, ready to debut on the world’s stage.

It will be exec produced by Richard Jun, CJ ENM’s Harry HK Shin, Young Ju Ok and Jake Hong and Alejandro Rincon and Alvaro Godoy for Endemol Shine Boomdog.

I’m not the target market for a venture like this, but I definitely have no interest in watching this mess, and putting something like this on a premium channel also doesn’t seem to fit well with what made their other shows successful.

But hey, maybe it will be a fun mess.


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