B-Side Spotlight: April 2021 (Wheein, STAYC, Yukika, Yoon Ji Sung, AB6IX, U-MIN, LUNARSOLAR)

Hello there. Don’t look at the date. Let’s go!


Kim Jaehwan – “Get Antsy”

A nice mid-tempo song with lovely vocals.

Hwang Chi Yeul – “Rain”

Insert “I’m not a fan of ballads but I like this one” comment, followed by “can I even say I don’t like ballads anymore” comment. You know the drill, lol.

2Z – “1822”

Very summer-y pop-rock, aka the perfect track for right now.

Red Velvet’s Wendy (Feat. Red Velvet’s Seulgi) – “Best Friend”

Two vocal queens on a very sweet track; yes, my Seulgi bias is showing.


Every time ASTRO have a new album out I am reminded that they deserve so much. This release, of course, made it into the personal playlist immediately.

D-CRUNCH – “Childlike”

This one took me a few listens to get into, but it was worth sticking with.

Verbal Jint (Feat. Big Naughty) – “Discord”

Did Verbal Jint just … disappear for a super long time or did I miss something? Anyway, this whole album is pretty solid, so I recommend giving it a full listen.


It’s time for us all to remember that girl groups own summer; I’d like to thank LUNARSOLAR for the reminder.

YUKIKA – “Love Month”

Vocals are a bit rocky in places, but the general vibe of this track is sweet enough and fun enough that it’s definitely worth a listen.

STAYC – “Love Fool”

STAYC stay winning. Pun not intended.

BAE173 – “Green Light”

Is it the most imaginative boy group track ever? No. It is boppable? Yeah, if you want. Am I gonna support these kids anyway because they’re rookies? Yes. I’m such a saint, honestly.

OnlyOneOf – “Instinct”

OnlyOneOf are yet to have a comeback that disappoints me; they always have good title tracks and solid b-sides and it’s so refreshing.

U-MIN – “Thank You”


The vibe of this track and the album aesthetics got me right in my girly little heart.

SHINee – “Marry You”

Yes, this song is on the album that did come out before April … technically. It’s also on the repackage, which means I have precedent enough that I can include this on April’s list too. Love that for me.

Kang Daniel – “Digital”

I truly love this dark aesthetic Kang Daniel has been going with recently.

Yoon Ji Sung – “SUNDAY MOON”

The second mini from former WANNA ONE leader Yoon Ji Sung is sweet and thoroughly enjoyable, and particularly this fun little track.

ONF – “My Genesis”

This track goes hard right out of the gate, and I really respect that.

ITZY – “Kidding Me”

Who is doing it like ITZY? Well, a few groups actually … but ITZY does it best.

MAMAMOO’s Wheein – “Springtime”

Wheein’s vocals are my favourite out of all the MAMAMOO members, so really her solo album is a gift to me specifically.


Around this time last year, I basically said I didn’t care about AB6IX (not aggressively, just I’d never vibed with any of their songs). This year, however, they’ve managed to make into a fan because this mini and their previous one have been so good and groovy.

HOT ISSUE – “Purple”

I haven’t quite trained myself out of thinking of 4MINUTE every time I see this group’s name, but you all know by this point how much I like promising rookie groups — so I’m sure that will stop soon.

Super Junior’s Yesung – “Like Us”

What can I say about this? It’s absolutely the most Yesung that could possibly exist — it’s lovely, and we all know he’s a great vocalist.


And that’s it!

As always, be sure to let me know some of your favourite b-sides from April.

Happy listening!

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