Miyavi announces 2021 North American tour with 19 stops

The tour news just keeps getting better and better, as Miyavi is hitting the road and coming back with a massive North American tour at the end of 2021!

Miyavi is starting in Canada and working his way from the west to the east with a solid 19 stops on the roster. These are going to be intimate shows in medium-sized venues that give you the chance to feel that real connection live.


Tickets go on sale on June 11, and you can get more info on the tour and make your purchase on Miyavi’s website!

Regardless of whether you’re a J-pop, K-pop, or metal fan, you’re going to love Miyavi live. It’s not just his stellar music and voice. It’s his stage presence. His very being. His intimate relationship with the guitar. The fact that he’s genuinely fun as hell and is all round good. The embodiment of goodness.

So get your tickets and I’ll see you in Los Angeles on October 8th!

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