Sister of APRIL’s Naeun now accused of bullying, makes social media private

Following the sister of APRIL member Naeun attempting to defend her sister against bullying allegations and perhaps arguably making things worse for her, the sister herself is now facing bullying allegations of her own.

On the post where she defends Naeun, a lengthy comment was left accusing her of being a bully, after which Naeun’s sister made her social media private.

“I am going to state exactly what happened, without embellishment or judgment. First of all, I am one of your school bullying victims and people talked about you a lot after your sister’s school bullying controversy surfaced. I didn’t know back then but turns out you were quite something in Daejeon’s G private art institute too? I’m compiling others and my own testimonials so do not even try to guess who I am. You always only cared for your looks at the back of the classroom, forming a clique of your own. You once went to detention after getting caught cursing for violating the school dress code, right? Do you remember how you treated your classmates? I don’t understand how you could be so confidently speaking in support of school violence. I guess you would never know how XX felt after finding her gym clothes laying around on the floor, which XX lent you. You wouldn’t even remember kicking XX’s desk with your friend ‘Song’ demanding her to apologize to you, right? Alas, but there are many witnesses and all victims remember what you have done. Time really flies. I feel like it was yesterday you were bragging about your sister being a trainee. I don’t have any grudge against your sister but I can’t believe you are making excuses for such an issue. I don’t know anything about your sister but you can’t be the one publicly raising your voice confidently. Do you feel wronged? You were young and didn’t know any better? We were young too. To you, it must have been something in the past but to us, it still haunts us to this day, impacting our personality and perspective on life. This is only the tip of the iceberg. But I don’t even want to write a long and detailed post. I don’t want to think about you at all. So please don’t say anything else … I don’t have anything to do with your sister, your parents, or the label. Just stay quiet … if you have a conscience.”

As the person themselves says, this has nothing to do with the bullying allegations of Hyunjoo against APRIL and Naeun, but it’s also not really that hard to connect the dots between sisters.

The optics of this emerging are obviously terrible (and honestly pretty funny), and it’s becoming truly amazing how badly this has been handled on DSP Media‘s side of things.


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