Hyunjoo (ex-APRIL) makes statement on DSP lawsuit, APRIL’s Chaewon responds

Since DSP Media had defamation cases against Hyunjoo’s family and acquaintance dismissed, there have been statements released by Naeun and Jinsol, Naeun’s sister even got involved, and Chaewon released another statement.

Now Hyunjoo has spoken up in regards to all this, mentioning that she heard of DSP’s lawsuit against her through the news, and goes on to state to not direct hate to APRIL members.

“Hello, this is Lee Hyunjoo. First of all, to briefly share my current situation, my younger brother who was sued is still a student, so our entire family is focusing on responding to the lawsuit. Also, although I have not been contacted by the police yet, I learned through a news report that I have been sued also, so it seems we will have to prepare for my lawsuit also. I am well aware that many people are showing concern and support. I sincerely thank you. I have been responding well and think I’ll be able to continue doing well. Today I am writing because there is an aspect I am a bit concerned about. As you are aware, there was a lot that happened recently, and I know better than anyone that it’s difficult to endure personal attacks or malicious comments. Although I am currently very healthy and doing well, seeing the recent situation, I feel worried because it reminds me of the times when I was unhealthy physically and mentally. I do not want the pain I received to also be given to others. Anyone can take wrong actions. However, if those who took those actions admit they were wrong and work to correct themselves, I think they can be forgiven and those actions can be called mistakes. Therefore I earnestly request that personal attacks and malicious comments about the [APRIL] members and acquaintances come to a halt. Until now, I have worked to live with gratitude for even the smallest bits of happiness. Everyone has the right to be happy, and I hope that can be achieved. Maybe especially because it’s raining today, but various worries are on my mind. I hope everyone has a happy Friday, and thank you for reading my rambling post.”

I dunno man, DSP basically have to win this lawsuit any way they can. Whether it’s a technicality or not, they have to get it done to reverse the narrative. Even then it would be somewhat of a pyrrhic victory since they basically had every member of APRIL admit the company was a fucking hellhole that led to the members clashing to begin with.

Meanwhile, Chaewon responded to Hyunjoo, and has made herself a main character in this for no real reason.

“Hello, this is APRIL’s Chaewon. I am releasing another statement in case fans misunderstand or get worried about the post that Hyunjoo shared on Instagram today. Yesterday, after I posted my statement, there were posts uploaded saying things like I had done wrong but I was not acknowledging my wrongdoings. I’d like to state this again clearly. I have never committed any wrongs against Hyunjoo and I’ve never made any mistakes that I need to be forgiven for either. The spread of false information and rumors has turned me into a bully who dated my manager and forced them to keep silent about the bullying. I am being treated as if these false rumors were the real truth. In the statement that I released yesterday, I was negligent in not checking more carefully about the exact dates involved. I’m sorry. I posted in a hurry because I felt a sense of injustice after enduring for so long, and I’m sorry that I caused more confusion. However, I want to say that there was not a single lie in the statement I posted yesterday. We are currently in the middle of collecting evidence that will clearly reveal the truth, such as photos and testimonies from witnesses. This evidence has to be turned over to the investigation authorities first, and there must also be protection for the witnesses, so please understand that we can’t reveal this yet. For the fans who have trusted and waited for us, we will repay them with the truth. Thank you.”

See … a statement she had months to think about and craft had errors and needed multiple clarifications because it was rushed? I don’t get it. This is the kind of stuff that isn’t really decisive one way or another, but again makes people at least think you’re full of shit. It’s just an own goal for no real reason and hurts the narrative being spun.

Even without judging what the outcome will be, whoever is advising DSP’s side in this to have everybody basically explain why they hated Hyunjoo over and over and thinking that would make their case look better to the public is just … amazing in a way.


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