Music Video Lessons: 2PM envision a world of being down unfathomably bad in “Make It”

Folks, 2PM are back, and with them they have brought the song “Make It” along with a second generation level of horny-for-a-girl boy group music video. In a sense, then, it’s a true throwback and it allows me to revisit an old feature that I scrapped cause I’m lazy and also because music videos now tend to shy away from plots.

Like I said, the basic music video plot here is 2PM being down extremely bad over an attractive woman.

The difference here is that, at least in the mind of Wooyoung, they turn that trope up to 100 (500, really) for an entertaining journey that explores the degeneracy of male libido.

Folks, do not let gigantic meteors, glass shrapnel, raging fires, or anything else get in the way of being horny, there is nothing more important than continuing to look cool to help get that nut.

The “Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions” trope getting a nice run is a sweet bonus. (Thanks, Lonely Island!)

Amusingly, these types of plots in music videos used to be cliché and eye-roll worthy, but now everybody seems focused on having as many jerky choreography movements and slow-panning closeups as possible, for the sake of artistry or whatever, so seeing this is almost fresh in a nostalgic way.

Like I said, they turn things up to 500.

Thus the Music Video Lesson here appears to be that even if the world is ending and millions are about to die, with likely billions impacted through a meteoric nuclear winter, do not even let that prevent you from staying horny.

But in a reversal at the end, the closing subverts the trope and Wooyoung walks away from the scenario, avoiding ending the world or something.

So the real Music Video Lesson is that dudes thinking with their other head ruins everything and we have the power to stop being catcalling pests.

Ignore the thirsty lyrics as well, apparently. Whatever, make it work, fuckers.

2PM rivaling SEVENTEEN in their misandry speedrun!


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