Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In fined for propofol use, agency issues apology

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In has been fined for using illegal drug propofol, and her agency APOP (subsidiary of Mystic Story) has apologized.

On June 30, The Fact reported the Brown Eyed Girls member was fined 1 million won (approximately $884) for propofol use between July and August of 2019. This was revealed due to the indictment of plastic surgeon “A,” who received a prison sentence for selling etomidate to several patients including Ga In across 21 occasions since 2019 and for injecting propofol to four people including Ga In.

This is Mystic Story. Here is a statement on the report about Mystic Story artist Ga In regarding propofol. Last year, Ga In was summarily indicted regarding propofol and was fined 1 million won. Although Ga In and the agency recognized that it was not a socially upright action, we bow our heads in apology for not apologizing earlier and causing more concern with the sudden news. More than anything, it is painful to relay news that doesn’t meet expectations of the fans who have waited with affection during her long period of self-reflection. We feel most apologetic regarding this matter. With the accumulation of major and minor troubles during her activities over the years, she experienced intense pain and depression along with severe sleep disorder, and she made a reckless decision during that process. Although the artist’s personal pain built up over the past few years due to situations that cannot be explained, the artist and the agency, which should be together as one with the artist, were unable to find a sensible method for her to escape this [pain]. We feel strong responsibility for being lacking as her agency. In the future, Ga In and Mystic Story will put in our full efforts with care and sincerity for her to greet fans and the public more maturely. We once again sincerely apologize for causing concern.

Honestly, I’m less concerned about the drug use itself than the reason behind the drug use, as her mental health struggles and sleeping issues have been known for at least four years now, and obviously this isn’t a positive update on that.


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