KilliAN (ex-JYPE trainee) says company kicked him out for being in gay relationship, things got worse when he returned to China

KilliAN, a former JYP Entertainment trainee, recently opened up about getting kicked out of the company, claiming that getting caught being in a gay relationship was the reason.

Now, for the first time, KilliAN is revealing the real reason that he was made to leave JYP Entertainment: he got caught in a gay relationship. Opening up about his sexuality in his recent interview, KilliAN stated, “I’m gay, but Koreans were very conservative about homosexuality at that time, so in the end, they asked me to leave because of it.” This happened several years ago, but this is the first time I’ve revealed the true reason for my departure. KilliAN explained that when he was caught dating a fellow male trainee under JYP Entertainment, the agency was very angry. While he’d once believed he would finally achieve his dream of becoming a celebrity under the company, JYP Entertainment didn’t want to take the risk of a gay trainee. KilliAN went on to note that not being Korean also ended up being a key factor in the agency’s decision. As such, all things considered, JYP Entertainment asked him to leave for good.

While that is the headline maker, what happened after his departure from the company was much more worrying, including a agency head attempting to rape him.

After he lost the opportunity to debut in a K-Pop boy group, a JYP Entertainment make-up artist introduced KilliAN to a new agency. However, after spending time training under five different Korean entertainment companies, he eventually returned to Hong Kong to train.

But in Hong Kong, KilliAN says he was “basically under house arrest.” Everywhere he went, someone from his company followed him, and his boss even asked him to get testosterone injections because his voice was “too feminine.” His hardships only continued from then on. After a film opportunity fell through due to a scandal involving Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing, KilliAN decided to enlist in the Taiwanese military. “I thought perhaps I just don’t get along with the entertainment industry,” he explained. But when he eventually tried to return to acting a few years ago, he was exploited by an unscrupulous boss. KilliAN was preparing for another movie opportunity in Beijing, and one day after shooting, his male boss invited him to a karaoke bar. However, it later turned out that the boss had ulterior motives and hoped to have a sexual encounter with KilliAN. In exchange, the boss offered him a lead role in a production. Tragically, the situation escalated further when KilliAN’s boss attempted to drag him to a washroom, but KilliAN was thankfully able to reject him after a struggle ensued.

He says he’s currently just trying to build his career.

The difficulties KilliAN has faced in his journey to success would be enough to make many people give up entirely, but the aspiring star is still staying strong and striving on. “Right now I’m just going with the flow in terms of building my career in the entertainment industry,” he stated.

I’m sure there are relationships within the company all the time, so it’s hard to believe dating itself was the reason he was booted. Obviously it’s not at all difficult to believe he was ousted or targeted for being gay. Some have brought up Jo Kwon in defense of JYPE, but they even made him play house with Ga-In for over a year, so maybe he wasn’t willing to do the same as well.

Either way, while that’s unfortunate, what happened to him afterward is definitely disturbing, perhaps more so cause stories like that don’t seem all that rare.


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