WKS ENE lawsuit against Minah (ex-ILUV) over claims she was bullied in group gets dismissed

About a year ago, former ILUV member Minah alleged that she was bullied during her time with the group. She went back and forth with the company WKS ENE, and eventually went to court with the company looking to charge her for defamation. Meanwhile, three of her former group member debuted in the group BOTOPASS.

Now it’s been revealed that police have dismissed the case against her by the company, which she shared on Instagram.

She wrote a short caption in Korean and English.

Hello, it’s Shin Minah. A year has already passed. I’ve waited on a day to write this and it’s finally came. I’ve heard the results and my legs are weak and the tears won’t stop coming. Thank you for giving me strength. Thanks for standing besides me during the bullying and hard time. Thanks for believing me and supporting me during this time. I’m so grateful.

The police station came to a conclusion.
I’m not guilty.
Thank you for trusting me.

A lot of the evidence regarding this matter was documented long ago.

Notably, another former member had already confirmed the bullying happening.

So thankfully she at least didn’t have to face any legal repercussions just for telling her story.


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