Police investigation reveals third party defrauded both Kris Wu & Du Meizhu, other allegations still under investigation

The ongoing scandal involving allegations that Kris Wu preyed on minors and raped women has received a lot of attention internationally recently. It has led to other women coming forward and seemingly all of his brands dropping support.

Recently things have become more complex, as police have revealed that blackmail was indeed involved, but it was a third party who was involved in attempting to defraud both Kris and Du Meizhu. They said Du Meizhu and Kris did drink and have sexual relations, also adding that while Kris claimed phones weren’t taken away they indeed were.

Additionally, Du Meizhu’s friend was mentioned in the report, saying she helped her spread the initial account of the allegations. That isn’t anything new, but it was revealed there was another person involved who helped her write other posts allegedly angling to become her manager in the future, thinking that she would soon become famous.

In terms of targeting young women for sex, police say they are still investigating.

Du released her reply, making it clear that she did not defraud anybody, which is backed by the police statement. However, she clarifies that the sexual relations described by the police were nonconsensual.

These revelations obviously make the situation messier, though in all the back-and-forth what stood out is that the fraud scheme was launched off Du’s story by the perpetrator. So despite the criminal outcome, her story was obviously still enough to warrant Kris’ side wanting to settle with a payment, and things don’t necessarily materially change from her side of things.

The investigation is still ongoing into the other serious allegations, and I’m not sure this is the reversal that I’ve already seen his fans claim it is. Du’s friend helping get her allegation attention makes sense, all the details of Du’s encounter with Wu were confirmed by police except seemingly the point on whether consent was given, and another man aiming to prey on her for his personal motivations isn’t her fault either. Basically, I don’t see anything that really discredits her story as of yet. Perhaps that changes in the future, and the twists this has already are certainly a reminder to remain open minded to new information that arises.


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