Kris Wu accused of drugging & raping US-based woman, reportedly more than 24 allegations now

Kris Wu has been accused of rape along with grooming underage women, and was recently detained in China for this. Now his problems are deepening further with a US-based woman also accusing him of drugging and raping her. That could land him in legal trouble there as well, and his accuser count is reportedly up to 24.

A Los Angeles-based woman has come forward to allege she was drugged and raped by Chinese-Canadian star Kris Wu, who was arrested last week in Beijing on rape charges. More than 24 women in China have since come forward with similar stories of being plied with alcohol and then pressured to have sex with, or were sexually assaulted by, the 30-year-old. The latest accusation, however, means that Wu could face criminal charges and civil lawsuits in the United States as well. The woman said she had gone to one of Wu’s now-notorious drinking parties where her phone was confiscated. She claimed that small white pills were being passed around and that she had lost consciousness before being sexually assaulted. After the incident, she said she was too afraid of being victim-shamed to speak up. She also felt she had no hard evidence and was worried about being accused of extortion. The American law firm representing her urged other alleged victims to come forward, as Wu had been to Los Angeles many times in the past for promotional events.

Emphasis mine.

The point is not that being accused by a woman in America is more important, just that there were people wondering if he could flee to avoid consequences, and it seems like he could be charged/extradited regardless.

Also something to think about regarding the reaction to this from the industry and government.


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