Prosecution alleges YG threatened informant in B.I’s drug case by saying “it’ll be a piece of cake to kill you”

Though Seungri has now been sentenced, YG himself is still undergoing his trial for witness intimidation in relation to alleged attempts to cover up B.I.’s drug case. In court today, the prosecution revealed that YG’s threats against the informant included death threats.

The prosecutors stated, “After receiving a report from YG employee Kim about ‘A’s’ police statement, Yang Hyun Suk called ‘A’ to the company building and threatened her to take back her testimony about B.I and make a false statement.” They pointed out Yang Hyun Suk had told “A,” “You need to be a good kid. I can read all the reports. It’ll be a piece of cake to kill you.”

You have to be a good kid, you can’t be a bad one. I can see all the records. So change your statement. You seem like someone who will stay in the entertainment industry, but it’s not a big deal for me to just kill off a kid like you.

YG’s side responded that it was true they met up, but no threats happened.

In response, Yang Hyun Suk’s legal representatives claimed, “We deny all the charges.” They added, “It is true that he met up with Han Seo Hee (‘A’) and spoke with her, but he never threatened her or forced her to make false statements.” When the court asked if Yang Hyun Suk desires a a trial with citizen participation, his legal representative answered, “He does not want it.”

Additionally, an alleged accomplice also denied charges, while another under investigation has fled the country.

Legally, it seems like it’ll be harder to prove he said what he did unless there’s a recording, but the fact that they admit the meeting happened and the testimony changed immediately after … I mean, logically what does anybody think happened? It’s easily believable that YG said what he did as a way to cover up something. Would he actually do it? Probably not, but it seems like something that goes on behind the scenes more often than we’d like to admit.


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