Soojin leaves (G)I-DLE following bullying controversy, group will continue as 5

Throughout the bullying controversy involving Soojin, she has said that if it was ever shown to be true that she would leave the group. Well, following any lack of response to Seo Shin Ae calling her and Cube Entertainment’s bluff, they have now announced that Soojin would be leaving (G)I-DLE in a surprisingly short statement.

This is Cube Entertainment. First, the agency apologizes for having caused concern through the controversy associated with our artist Soojin. Today, we are announcing the decision that Soojin will be leaving the group. (G)I-DLE will henceforth promote as five members. We will continue to do our best and provide unstinting support so that (G)I-DLE can show their growth in music and performance. Thank you.

Granted, I suppose nothing has been explained yet, but it’s hard to see any other reason for this other than the bullying controversy.

Remember, Seo Shin Ae had been content to basically leave things vague, taking shots from afar at Soojin for what she apparently did to her. However, Cube and Soojin decided to specifically call her out for a clarification and Seo Shin Ae did exactly that, explaining that she was bullied by Soojin for two years.

Well, they fucked around and found out, I guess.


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