A Pink’s Eunji takes legal action against a stalker a month after having to call out sasaengs

A Pink member Eunji will be taking legal action against a stalker, according to her company Play M Entertainment.

About a month ago, Eunji personally addressed sasaengs who were invading her privacy.

These days, there are people who come all the way to my house. I really dislike it myself, but the thing is, it also inconveniences and causes trouble for those around me…
People who only prioritize their own feelings seem like they wouldn’t be able to respect me either.
Let’s please love in a healthy way. When I see photos of [my dog] Kong floating around that I didn’t post or that aren’t from my live broadcasts, but that people have gone to extreme lengths to dig up, it makes me kind of angry. People who read this and feel guilty [because it applies to you], please sort yourselves out.

Now the next step has been taken against a particular individual who has been allegedly stalking her since early last year.

Hello, this is Play M Entertainment. On August 20 (Friday), we filed a legal complaint via the law firm Wooree against a perpetrator who has stalked our artist Jung Eun Ji since March 2020 for violation of the Punishment of Minor Offenses Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. This action was taken as this perpetrator of continuous and malicious stalking was requested several times to not approach her but recently even came to her home, causing more severe trouble for the artist. If this harm occurs again, we will once again continue taking strong legal action. We have been taking continuous legal action against malicious commenters, and a few perpetrators have been penalized according to the law. We are continuously receiving tips regarding malicious comments or sasaengs, and we are filing legal complaints following internal review. We will continue to put in our full effort to protect our artists’ rights, and we ask for continuous love and interest. Thank you.

They seem unrelated, but last we heard about some guy who constantly made bomb threats against A Pink years ago, he was on the verge of being arrested, though I haven’t heard any further updates.

No doubt a lot of celebrities deal with this kind of stuff, but man it seems like A Pink have been having uniquely weird fan/anti interactions of late.


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