B.I admits to all charges in court, prosecution requests 3-year sentence in the drug use case

Amidst the (more important) YG witness tampering case, B.I’s drug use case is also still going on. He had his day in court on August 26 and admitted to all the charges, including submitting a letter of apology.

At the hearing on August 26, the prosecution stated, “B.I used marijuana a total of three times in March 2016 and April 2016, and he also purchased LSD around that time.” B.I commented, “I admit to all of these charges and am self-reflecting.” Ahead of the hearing, B.I also submitted a letter of apology to the court on August 25.

While it had been reported two years ago that he had partially admitted to charges, I believe this is the first time he’s said anything definitive.

Prosecution has asked for a three-year sentence and a fine.

The prosecution requested a sentence of three years in prison along with a fine of 1.5 million won (approximately $1,300) for B.I.

Sentencing will be on September 10.

It’s unlikely he gets what the prosecution requests, but it’s definitely harsh for drug use, and the only reason I find this relevant at all is the YG coverup angle of it.


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