Hyunjoo provides update on lawsuits by DSP & APRIL members, says her side has been cleared in 3 of 6 cases

Following Hyunjoo’s brother being found not guilty back in June, things have been relatively quiet on the Hyunjoo/APRIL/DSP Media front as legal issues continued to play out.

Hyunjoo recently addressed what has been going on legally in a long Instagram post.

Hello, this is Lee Hyunjoo. Because the subject matter is unpleasant for both me and for all of you listening to these words, and because this is not something that can be resolved immediately just from my talking about it, I’m trying as much as possible not to talk about this until the police investigation is over. But because many people are currently expressing frustration about the situation and sending me messages asking me to share, I’m writing this post despite feeling worried about it. First, to explain the current situation, I’m doing my best to submit as much evidence as I can find in response to the criminal charges against me, my family, and my acquaintances. There were additional lawsuits filed against me after I posted my statement, so there are now a few more cases than before. To explain the basics of how the cases are going, In my brother’s case, although the defamation charges against him were dropped, the plaintiff appealed the decision, so the prosecutor’s office is currently carrying out the appeal procedures. In my first friend’s case, the charges of defamation against her were dropped, and though the plaintiff appealed the decision, the prosecutor’s office ultimately cleared her of all charges. In my second friend’s case, she was investigated by the police on the charges of defamation, and she is currently awaiting a decision. DSP filed an additional complaint against me for obstruction of business, and after undergoing police investigation, I was cleared of the charges. APRIL member A pressed charges against me for defamation through law firm B, and the police are still in the investigation stages. APRIL member C also pressed charges against me for defamation through law firm D, and the police are still in the investigation stages. It’s true that because there are so many cases and the expenses are quite high, it’s very difficult. I’m diligently cooperating with the investigations, and in light of the many people who are rooting for me, I will resolutely endure them so that I can deliver good news.

So basically, there are six lawsuits against her and her side. Her brother has been cleared but is in appeal, her friend has been cleared but is in appeal, and she has been cleared of obstructing business. The three left undecided are DSP against another friend and two APRIL members against her.

Think the one lawsuit she may have trouble with is Chaewon’s, as she did make a direct rather reputation damaging allegation in terms of her dating the manager that could meet Korea’s defamation standards if there’s no corroboration.

She also wrote clarifications about other issues.

Additionally, as for the few things that many people have been asking for explanations about, Regarding the face-to-face investigation, I have never refused a face-to-face investigation, and I have never received a request for face-to-face investigation in the case for which I was accused of making a refusal. In terms of my medical records, I’m sorry, but this is something that is too sensitive for me to post publicly, and I also don’t want to reveal them because they might be upsetting. Once again, I ask for your understanding about this, and since I submitted everything to the investigating authorities, if you wait, I will inform you of the results. Regarding the APRIL members’ parents’ text messages of blame, I did not submit them to the investigating authorities because they were not directly related to the charges against me, my brother, or my friend. It’s true that when we received the texts, my family and I felt very hurt at the time, but looking back on it, I think that it’s possible that the members’ parents simply sent their thoughts from a parent’s perspective by text. That’s why I don’t plan to reveal them, and though I will reveal them if every single one of the APRIL members requests it, I doubt and worry whether there’s any need for me to do so. At the time of the tumbler incident, my grandmother was in very bad health, and she has now passed away. Back then, she had not been able to recognize me, and when she heard that I would be living in a dorm and would not be able to visit often in the future, she gave me a tumbler that she already owned. So it was a tumbler that was precious to me and that I always carried around with me. In terms of the document stating that the charges against my brother had been dropped, it was revealed with the evidence and citations erased. The lawyer thought that without knowing who the plaintiff was, if the evidence was revealed and there were any people considering pressing additional charges against me, they would be able to see the evidence beforehand, which would be disadvantageous for me. We revealed the document in order to show that the police had acknowledged that I was bullied and that DSP’s press release was different from the truth, but the lawyer [omitted the evidence] because they thought that for people who are not familiar with these kinds of legal documents announcing the police’s decision, the description of the evidence and citations could cause another controversy. Additionally, the plaintiff is able to access the document announcing that the charges were dropped, so if the plaintiff decides that they need to do so, they can always reveal the document, and [the lawyer] also took into consideration that this process would allow us to find out who the plaintiff is. Although these incidents are very much all in the past, they are still extremely difficult and burdensome for me to talk about publicly. Despite this, I was able to make it all the way here thanks to the people who thought of me, and I think I will be able to make it out in the future as well. I sincerely thank the people who believe in me and support me. Time has passed, and it’s already fall. I hope that these cases are wrapped up quickly, so that I can greet you all with happier news.

As I’ve said before, these interpersonal conflicts are always more nuanced than good or evil, as there’s usually nuance to it like there is with humans in general. That said, it’s difficult to feel sympathy if you come out extremely strong against the alleged victim, seem intent to prove everybody the disdain you treated them with, and end up losing a bunch of cases in court.

The legal outcome isn’t the only relevant thing, but it’s hard to look at the way things unfolded and come away with a good impression of the alleged perpetrators, nor most of their arguments.


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