[Review] “Starlight” serves as a perfect representation of Mary’s Blood

Mary’s Blood formed back in late 2009 and has consistently released five impressive power metal studio albums since their debut. Opening for bands such as DRAGONFORCE and guitar god Marty Friedman, Mary’s Blood has made a name for themselves over the years. Their sixth album, titled after the band’s name, will be released later this month on the 29th, and ahead of that they’ve dropped a music video for the song “Starlight”.

“Starlight” starts off with vocalist Eye showing off the band’s signature power metal sound as she leads us into a nice melodic riff from guitarist Saki (yes, the same Saki from the NEMOPHILA review that I couldn’t stop gushing about), which she turns into a quick but satisfying solo. We’re then introduced to the main riff of the track with drummer Mari and bassist Rio both keeping the song together at a comfortable headbanging pace. Mari’s drumming is excellent all over the track, performing technical fills that help build up to each new Saki solos. After a short gallop section, we’re introduced to the second face-melter of the track, and Saki never fails to amaze me no matter the band she’s playing with.

Possibly my favorite thing about “Starlight”, besides all the Saki solos, is the production. Mary’s Blood’s last studio album, Confessions, had a weird mix where Rio’s bass was cranked way up and Saki’s guitar was particularly low during verses. That has thankfully seemed to change from what we’ve heard so far off Mary’s Blood.

I could write all day about how much I love Saki’s guitar work on almost any track she’s worked on, and how I’d love for her to step on me, however I digress. Overall, “Starlight” is a perfect representation of what I’ve come to expect from a Mary’s Blood album, and based on the excellence they’ve shown here I cannot wait to finally hear the rest.


Mary’s Blood: Twitter, Official Website

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