High.D is now SONAMOO, so we wait to see if SONAMOO will also leave SONAMOO

TS Entertainment has been in the shitter for years now, but it has somehow gotten worse recently with SONAMOO imploding. Following Nahyun and Sumin terminating their contracts after winning a lawsuit last year, Euijin, New Sun, and Minjae all recently departed the group, too. Now D.ana has also announced she is leaving SONAMOO.

And so, in a situation reminiscent of KARA being reduced to just Youngji, so too is SONAMOO down to High.D. And buddy, you know what that means, it’s time for shitposting because SONAMOO is now confirmed to be SONAMOO, and the tension remaining is whether SONAMOO will leave SONAMOO like the rest or whether SONAMOO will ascend to the heavens and embrace being SONAMOO and make a comeback.



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