Dreamcatcher secure collab with Neogen on ‘Catch Your Perfume’ line of products

Dreamcatcher have recently secured a collab/endorsement with company Neogen, which is big for them. They think so too, as evidenced by the promotion for it, which includes a livestream, vlog, commercial, and photoshoot.

Of course one of the most confounding things is they haven’t really tweeted out at any point where to buy the product, which is what I was waiting for before writing about it, but you can get it at the official Neogen Global site here.

Fan however you like, but buying one of these is just about the best way you can show support to the future/health of the group aside from attending events, which is obviously impossible now.




In case you’re thinking to yourself “well what about you?” Yes, folks, I am indeed going to be smelling real fucking good now.


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