IU donates over $700,000 to charities & orgs for 13th anniversary

IU is well known for her sizable donations, but for her 13th anniversary she may have topped herself, giving away ~$750,000 worth of goods to charities and organizations. Basically, she got the companies who she has endorsed to contribute goods and paid for half of the costs (like ~$325,000).

1,000 pairs of New Balance sneakers to teenagers who are nearing the end of their allowed time at shelters
2,000 Banolim pizzas for children and teenagers in shelters
2,000 coats and winter gear from BLACKYAK for children and teenagers in shelters ahead of the winter season
300 Evezari blanket and bedding sets to health centers
2,000 first aid kits from Kyungdong Pharmaceutical to health centers
30,000 bottles of Jeju Samdasoo Water to health centers

IU staring at the brands that she endorses like, “So … you’re gonna help me donate a shit ton of stuff for my anniversary, right? RIGHT? RIGHT?!”

Seriously though, while a lot of celebs donate, the frequency with which she does it and the sheer amount this time around is remarkable.


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