Minho (SHINee) to guest commentate on Korean broadcast of NBA game, let the NBA copypastas reign supreme

Minho of SHINee will be a guest commentator for a Korean broadcast of an NBA game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets on SPOTV2.

A marquee matchup between two of the NBA’s best teams, including the defending champion Bucks, Minho must be excited for the opportunity. But most importantly it gives me an excuse to give NBA subreddit copypastas a K-pop theme.


Lee Soo Man took the news of Minho going to the NBA rough: “Sources: Lee Soo Man is besides himself. Driving around downtown Seoul begging (thru texts) Minho’s family for the address to Minho’s home

Yoo Young Jin, his fellow members, and the group’s staff aren’t appreciating his new attitude: “At one point in the dance practice, sources said, Minho turned to Yoo Young Jin and screamed, ‘You fucking need me. You can’t PAK without me.’ Minho left groupmates and managers largely speechless. He dominated the building in every way. Minho’s back.

As a result, Minho was sent to the shadow realm: “Taemin was confused when he didn’t see Minho take the stage moments before Inkigayo on Sunday night. Then Taemin saw groupmate Onew, who was lagging behind. Onew said one word to Taemin. ‘Kwangya.’


I hope this has entertained the three readers who have crossover interest between the NBA subreddit, copypasta humor, and K-pop.

Thank you.


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