Jewelry reunite on ‘Mama The Idol’ to perform “Super Star” & “One More Time”, Sunye & Sunmi do “Gashina” + show’s group to debut

Second generation girl group Jewelry reunited for a recent episode of Mama The Idol AKA MILFCON, a show about veteran female idols making their return to the stage after having started a family. If nothing else, it’s an interesting concept just for the potential of a crossover group between Wonder GirlsSunye, After School‘s Kahi, Jewelry‘s Park Jung Ah, Byul, BellaMafia‘s Hyun Jyu Ni, and Baby VOX Re.V‘s Yang Eunji.

Anyway, they performed “Super Star” and “One More Time” in support of Park Jung Ah.

Ah, memories. This especially stood out at the time when I can’t recall another non-band idol group that was really doing rock-influenced tracks.


Of course, the headlines are gonna be the Wonder Girls mini-reunion with Sunye and Sunmi doing “Gashina“, but at least one could expect that might happen and it’s a recent song.

Looking forward to their debut, as the six work quite well.

Maybe the GOT The Beat we wanted but never got.


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