Rundown: Max Changmin, Moonbyul, “The Weekend” remixes, Mark Tuan, BamBam + others

Things seemed to have slowed down a bit at least. Thank god.


Max Changmin (TVXQ) – “Devil”

Forgot to mention this last time, but I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. The problem is that the original by Alex Runo is much better because thematically it makes a lot more sense, especially the repetitiveness of the “rain down on me“.


Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) – “LUNATIC”

Like 90% of this is great in a rock-solid dance-pop way that is elevated by Moonbyul‘s quirky performance. It takes true ability to resist the temptation to add in those drops though, man.


LUMINOUS – “All Eyes Down”

These boy group concepts must appeal to somebody cause they keep making them.


Mark Tuan (GOT7) – “My Life”

Lyrics seem heartfelt, but the song is just uninteresting. This is basically how the average idol artist approaches a ‘Moodswings In This Order‘ concept, if you wanted to appreciate that more (you should).


Remixes Of BIBI’s “The Weekend”

They started releasing remixes of this disturbingly addictive song almost immediately, and I was kinda able to ignore talking about them. However, they keep showing up and I don’t understand why. Every second of every remix of “The Weekend” that isn’t BIBI‘s vocal is worse than the original.

A smooth track like this definitely needed some guy borderline mumbling over it.

Not bad but adding more vocal effects is unnecessary and annoying more than anything.

A more dramatic, serious rendition bogs it down, noted.

Removing the rhythm of the delivery during the verses makes it much worse, noted.

Kinda grating, honestly.

Well, all of this is at least useful as an explainer of how an artist can elevate a track that would be mediocre to shitty by others, so it’s nice to have in that sense.


BamBam – “Slow Mo”

Think a lot of these types of releases are in the good enough for fans to enjoy but forgettable to most everybody else.


Sunny Hill – “Hold Me Again”

Too much safe shittery and not enough “Midnight Circus“.



I still like BM as an entertainer/personality, but with KARD on ice and his solo stuff not being my thing, it’s hard to shoehorn him into the site.


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