BTS saves Redditor’s aunt from QAnon … a hell of a title to type out

I swear I don’t intend to make a habit out of covering K-pop adjacent content on Reddit, but this story of a Redditor’s aunt being saved from QAnon by BTS is just too wild to not talk about.

All’s well that ends well.

I know sometimes these posts can be a creative writing exercise, but the account seems legit and it’s completely believable to me anyway because fandoms (music, sports, whatever) can sorta be like … uh, healthier cults or something, as this tweet alludes to.

Like obviously we know fandom can manifest itself in a lot of ways, but this is certainly an example of how it can be at least a preventive measure, as there’s not a whole lot that could be worse than somebody ruining their life waiting for John F. Kennedy Jr. to resurrect and/or shooting up pizza places.

I dunno, this simulation is getting fucking nuts.


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