Rundown: Epik High, A Pink, Taeyeon, TREASURE + more

Things are actually beginning to look up in Korean music this year, honestly. Not necessarily the singles, but the b-sides are quite nice.


A Pink – “Dilemma”

A similar formula to the elite trio of “I’m So Sick“, “Eung Eung“, and “Dumhdurum“, but a bit lesser in every aspect. The loop isn’t as catchy, the “dilemma” repetition before Eunji‘s vocal enters saps energy, and the rap break is unnecessary. Still, the formula itself is hard to resist.


Taeyeon (SNSD) – “INVU”

The duality of man.

Absolutely gorgeous music video, which I might take a closer look at later.

That said, sometimes I find that Taeyeon‘s vocal color doesn’t shine as much in these kind of sultry, vibey songs compared to expansive, epic efforts, so I didn’t find this as compelling as one would expect.


Rocking Doll – “Heart Rider”

Thought this was gonna be another rock concept group … so to say I’m disappointed is an understatement.


Epik High (Feat. Wonstein & pH-1) – “Super Rare”

Musically and thematically, I wish this was super rare in Korean hip-hop.


Epik High (Feat. Younha) – “Gray So Gray”

2022 managing to make the combination of Epik High and Younha boring is rather bleak, admittedly.



This kind of boy group sound has always been a Principle Skinner meme moment for me, except unlike him, I’m actually correct.


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