Highlights: Narin does Ailee’s evolution, Dreamcatcher cooking, Fab anti, Daisy on Twitter, IU being IU

Hello and welcome to my ever growing quest to be as lazy as possible.

Highlights is where I’ll compile/dump entertaining shit I found that I wanted people to see even if I was too lazy/uncreative to make a post out of it.


Dreamcatcher & Cooking: Sympathy For Their Managers

Look, the only upside to this whole thing is that only JiU has said she wants to do something involving cooking after her time in Dreamcatcher is over and she doesn’t appear in this compilation.


FUNTWO, JANE, AZ – Aespa’s “Next Level” Cover

I know a lot of people had this as one of their songs of the year for 2021 or whatever, but that seems impossible given how almost every cover I’ve heard of it is better than the original. Nice interpolation of Hotei‘s “Battle Without Honor Or Humanity in here as well.


Narin Take You On Ailee’s Musical Journey

Always love these, but Ailee is usually especially difficult, so I was impressed.


Chuu (LOONA) Does “Heart Attack” In 2022

This grew on me in the year it was released and now seems even better.


Fab Rant

I spend a lot of money supporting the things I like, which quite frankly can be an extremely stupid use of funds. I won’t pay for something like this, though.

The thing I find so egregious is that they are essentially monetizing their marketing to you, like charging to deepen your parasocial relationship with them. I realize that charging for access is nothing new, but this just feels like the next level of that already ridiculous practice, as if they charged you to view their Twitter or Instagram.

I dunno man, this growing monetization of every fucking thing we do is just so tiresome.


IU An Attractive Human For J.Estina



Daisy On Twitter

Even after knowing that Twitter is a mess, she still came.

Oh no.

Is she right? Yes. Will it ever happen since their system is predicated on essentially taking advantage of tweens with a dream? No.


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