Producer Swin Lee says he wasn’t paid for work on GWSN’s ‘The Other Side Of The Moon’

Girl group GWSN hasn’t made a comeback since May of 2021, and recently fans were asking Swin Lee, the producer of their last album ‘The Other Side Of The Moon‘, about the status of the follow-up. The producer responded that while he cares about the group, he wasn’t paid for his work on that album by their company The Wave Music, so he has no idea about the comebacks.

I can’t tell if it’s a language barrier, if he’s just extremely forgiving, or if it’s something else than literally not being compensated at all for his work, because blaming the company does seem like the appropriate thing to be doing in this case even though he says it’s not the company’s fault.

Whatever is going on, I hope the company makes this right or he sues to make it right or something. As described it’s just wage theft.

Granted, perhaps the problem is they don’t have the money anymore, which is ominous for GWSN.


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