Tablo announces ‘Authentic: The Story Of Tablo’, a new podcast about TaJinYo ordeal

In ‘finally, some justice’ news, Epik High‘s Tablo has announced that he will be releasing a 10-part podcast series with VICE and iHeartRadio, which will be starting next Thursday (Feb. 24).

Tablo announced the series earlier on his own Twitter, saying: “I lost someone I love while surviving this story. I’m hoping I can save someone you love by telling it.Authentic: The Story Of Tablo will look at the past decade of Tablo’s life, centering on the TaJinYo harassment campaign, which still affects his life greatly.


For anyone who has managed to miss what TaJinYo is or why it exists, to cut a long story short it’s a group formed based on a conspiracy that calls Tablo’s academic credentials into question. The whole thing spiraled out of control over the course of the last 13 years or so. No amount of evidence supplied by Tablo or on his behalf seemed to slow the train of accusations, and those of us were fans at the time will remember that Epik High ground to a halt and Tablo essentially disappeared for a while. The Wikipedia entry on it is wild in itself, and the feature by Stanford Magazine delves deeper into the mess.

One of the most haunting aspects of TaJinYo has to be when Tablo, in an interview, described terror during the time his wife Kang Hye Jung was pregnant with their daughter Haru, due to him not knowing if he could trust anyone in the hospital in case they were involved with TaJinYo in some way.

While dealing with the effects and fallout of TaJinYo, his father sadly passed away — exacerbated by the stress of TaJinYo on Tablo and his whole family. Tablo tweeted yesterday: “My scars have become me. It is literally impossible for me to hope & also not simultaneously fear. For years, I tried so hard to avoid talking about it. But now I must. Because I needed someone like me to tell me their story when I went through what I did. And I had no one.


I can admit I’m biased and that the man is a personal hero of mine, but I truly hope this series goes some way to helping Tablo start a new chapter of his life, and also helps anyone else who finds themselves in a hopeless situation.

Forever & ever, A-B-C-D-E-P-I-K.

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