‘Queendom 2’ lineup revealed: LOONA, Brave Girls, Hyolyn, WJSN, VIVIZ, Kep1er

After months of anticipation and speculation about the lineup of Queendom 2 (cause Mnet is still good at what they do), it has finally been revealed as LOONA, Brave Girls, Hyolyn, WJSN, VIVIZ, and Kep1er.

Mnet has apparently stuck by their win on a music program standard.

The production team of “Queendom 2” shared, “The six artists all have a history of placing No. 1 on music programs. They will make music fans happy through great performances that will be as diverse as their own unique individualities.”

Allow me to be petty for a second and mourn Dreamcatcher not being in the lineup, as this was probably their best (and maybe last) chance to have any mainstream relevance in Korea.

And yeah, people wondering why I cared about getting them one win despite not giving a shit about awards … this stuff is why. Other relevant people care and they care, so getting one would’ve been worth it.


Anyway, aside from Kep1er, the lineup is quite impressive and exciting. Not that I dislike Kep1er necessarily, but it really seems like Mnet trying to force feed their girl group to the public more than anything, and they don’t have an intriguing catalogue yet (maybe CLC songs?). Still, the other four are all groups I like (or liked in GFRIEND‘s case), and throwing Hyolyn into the mix should add a good deal of spice.


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