Quick Reviews: NMIXX debut with “O.O”, a single that sounds more like a highlight medley and is more grating than not

JYP Entertainment‘s much-hyped new girl group NMIXX debuted moments ago with “O.O” and it’s hard to see it as anything but a highlight medley for an album rather than a single (also a Coke Zero commercial). It’s two completely different sounds and three quite different songs, jammed into less than three minutes.

Immediately I knew this would be divisive, so I listened to it a bunch more to see if I could glean anything useful from it. Well, the middle song has solid pop-rock potential, but it’s flanked by a lot of … noise. Aggressiveness and volume doesn’t bother me, but annoying and grating bullshit does, and both the performances and instrumental in the start and the end has that in spades.

If they later claim this was a part of a social experiment on fandom and stuff, that’d be believable.


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