Monday (Weeekly) & Donghan (WEi) cover “Trouble Maker” in front of a Trouble Maker on ‘Double Trouble’

Double Trouble had already caught my eye before (here and here), but the WATCHA program managed to do so again recently when Weeekly‘s Monday and WEi‘s Donghan teamed up to cover Trouble Maker‘s “Trouble Maker” in front of a former Trouble Maker himself, Jang Hyunseung.

A more dramatic, musical kind of take on “Trouble Maker” (or maybe it was just the organ), and one that was enjoyable. Monday, as I’ve been saying, has been the find of the show for me. Even for other performances when the song/arrangement is not to my liking, she does admirably and proves herself to be an intriguing solo figure. But Donghan impressed in this performance as well, showcasing a command of the stage and highlighting his charisma through selling his role.

Aside from the twist on the song, it gives me a chance to relive Trouble Maker’s debut in all its glory, which I will always do.


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