Rundown: Billlie, TXT, N.O.M, Sorn, CRAXY, Solji, SKY-HI, T1419

A relatively slow week in terms of big name releases, but we always have N.O.M.


T1419 – “Run Up”

The Japanese debut of a group I have yet to even moderately like anything by, and that doesn’t change here.


SKY-HI (Feat. Stray Kids’ 3RACHA) – “JUST BREATHE”

A collab that interested me greatly … wasted.

The parts where there’s actually rapping has potential, but everything else is just not good.


Billlie – “Ginga Minga Yo”

Song choruses these days are like “no melodies, just vibes”.


Salem Ilese (Feat. TXT’s Taehyun & Yeonjun + Alan Walker) – “PS5”

Sex is temporary, gaming is forever.

Cute for what it is, honestly.


CRAXY – “Dance With God”

These hype girl crush sounds are doing the opposite of standing out, ironically. No idea what it sounds like already.


Solji (EXID) – “Fade Away”

Song already in the process of doing just that in my memories.


Sorn – “Sharp Objects”

This is a pleasant surprise in terms of direction for her music. It’s not in the upper echelon of uptempo, retro efforts, but it’s certainly on that path.


N.O.M – “LOOK”

Tailor-made for the club, honestly. Sounds like something they would use in a movie where the antagonist is doing coke in the VIP room while the assassin protagonist makes his way through the crowded club of dancing, shooting random baddies looking for him.


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