[Update] K-pop trainee Beomhan recounts recent experience of being assaulted & called homophobic/racial slurs in America, company issues statement

Beomhan, a Chinese-American trainee of FM Entertainment, recently recounted his experience with being attacked on a train in New York City to fans after they asked about an injury to his neck. The member of pre-debut group M.O.N.T Arena explained on TikTok that he was assaulted while being called racial and homophobic slurs.


While he downplays the incident, likely cause he doesn’t want fans to worry or something, it’s definitely a scary time out there for Asian-Americans and I’m just glad things didn’t escalate further. As we’ve been seeing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, racially-motivated attacks against Asians have been skyrocketing and things seem to be getting worse rather than better.

Recently in the NYC subreddit, a user posted a compilation of the daily racism they faced in the city.

And obviously the recent murders of Michelle Go and Christina Yuna Lee have brought significant attention to attacks against Asian-Americans, women in particular.


FME has issued a statement on the matter.


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