Rundown: The Boyz, Cheng Xiao (WJSN?), TEMPEST, BANG YONGGUK, Super Junior, MSG Wannabe, BLACK LEVEL

Two boy group debuts that actually give me hope for them going forward, at least musically. Also two soloists who haven’t been on my radar for a while making me not regret that fact.


MSG WANNABE – “Do You Want To Hear”

I have no idea what the point is of doing this whole show and stuff and then dropping generic songs.


Super Junior – “Callin”

For fans, I guess? I dunno, obviously they have the vocalists but this is just utterly boring.



Extremely busy debut, but I actually have some hope for them based on the hints at melodies in there.


Cheng Xiao (WJSN) – “Lonely Beauty”

Standard Latin-influenced track, but man she just has no impact as a soloist. Like the song just feels empty.


The Boyz – “Echo”

As far as the aggressive, macho boy group sound goes, this is preferable in the sense that it has room to breathe and attempts a melody. Probably one of the better efforts form The Boyz of late, for better and worse.


Bang Yong Guk – “UP”



TEMPEST – “Bad News”

Actually think this is an extremely promising debut from Yuehua Entertainment‘s new boy group. It didn’t have that one hook/melody to really reel me in completely, but I could definitely see this having appeal.


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