Japanese film ‘Drive My Car’ wins Best International Feature Film, the only thing of note that happened at the Oscars

The 94th edition of the Academy Awards were held last night and it’s relevant to Asian entertainment yet again as Japanese film ‘Drive My Car‘ was nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film.

Well, the criticallyacclaimed film ended up taking home an Oscar by winning Best International Feature Film.

It’s the second Japanese film to win in this category, following only ‘Departures‘, and is just the 11th Oscar any Japanese film has ever won. While I suppose in one way that fact shows how impressive a feat this is, it also effectively serves as commentary for how much of a joke these things are as well.

I mean this is in 2022 from a voter, so one can imagine what it was like back when Japan had their golden age of cinema decades ago.

“Drive My Car is not a bad movie, but it belongs in the international feature category, not here, just like Parasite did.”

That said, even as somebody who doesn’t mind dealing with a bit of tedium if it’s for artistic purposes, it could’ve definitely been shorter and been just as effective.


Oh right, and that thing happened and I managed to make it about K-pop.


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