Rundown: Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, NCT Dream, PURPLE KISS, Heize, MAJORS + others

Writing about things I enjoyed takes me longer, and there’s a lot of it I have yet to publish, so apologies if things have come off overly grumpy. But also, a lot of mainstream pop stuff recently hasn’t been to my taste, so can’t do much about that.


D-CRUNCH – “Addiction”

Honestly man, the whole song kinda congeals together into like one block of fourth generation boy group sound.


OH MY GIRL – “Real Love”

I’m convinced the lesson companies learned from city pop’s popularity is that listeners just want vibes and not amazing choruses and melodies anymore. I mean it’s chill and solid, but I can get that from indie nugus multiple times a week. Also, saying this is a b-side from them is kinda insulting to their nice b-sides, which are very good.


NCT Dream – “Glitch Mode”

Imagine it’s fun to dance to, but it’s not something I would ever seek out to listen to cause that descending bass that permeates the song annoys the shit out of me.


Red Velvet – “WILDSIDE”

They look amazing, but in a surprise twist, the choice to basically have them yelling at the listener in some sections becomes grating as hell, man.


MAJORS – “Giddy Up”

If they’re trying to get booked at like raves/clubs, this is a smart release. Honestly low-key really enjoyed it for what it was.


MAJORS – “Salute”

Yeah, this is more in line with the generic 2022 girl group comeback.


Heize – “Mother”

Dunno if it’s just me, but including those from non-mainstream artists, there seems to be a surge of songs dedicated to parents and pets.



Suppose this would be the downside of the bright girl group concept: shrill delivery, chorus that isn’t catchy, and annoying instrumental drops for no reason.



This is what I get for being on the verge of stanning the shit out of them. As somebody who has loved their discography up to this point, I suppose they were always trending in this direction. However, they previously seemed to thread the needle brilliantly between a clearly darker and more mature sound/concept and going full generic girl crush in tone, but I swear I’ve heard an arrangement like this about 20 times in the past two years.


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