TRCNG escape TS Entertainment, makes me wonder if their parents are still suing Wooyeop & Taeseon

In news that can’t possibly be a surprise to anybody and should probably be seen as a joyous occasion for fans of the group, all TRCNG members have left TS Entertainment. The members explained on Instagram that they left on February 28, saying they decided to end their contracts with the company and disband.

All seven members who are on Instagram share similar sentiments, and while one of the members isn’t on the platform, their use of “we” implies what they’re saying holds true for him as well.


Rewinding a bit, back in late 2019, former members Wooyeop and Taeseon filed lawsuit to terminate their contracts with the company and accused TSE of abuse.

An odd twist to this story is that Wooyeop’s mother claimed back then that the parents of all the members also wanted to leave the company. However, TSE released a rebuttal from their side that consisted of the other parents threatening (and then taking) legal action against the duo and their parents.

“We, the parents of the eight members, have stayed in continued communication with the agency, and we have come to the agreement to trust and rely on each other in relation to the members’ activities, and work hard for TRCNG’s successful activities. Also, we plan to take active legal action against untrue information and false claims that have been previously made. It is unfortunate that rumors that are different from the truth are being spoken about.”

While I understand this may have been coerced in a way, they still put it out there and likely impacted the lives of those two families, so … I’d really like to ask them for an update.


This is still true, by the way.


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