Streamer (BJ Haru) says an idol persistently harassed her, Moon Junyoung (ZE:A) threatens legal action

ZE:A’s leader Moon Junyoung recently got exposed for having his license revoked twice for drunk driving, after which he then amusingly complained about being made fun of for the car he drove.

That’s terrible enough, but he’s now been revealed to be in further mess after a streamer named BJ Haru recently talked about a male idol harassing her, and while she didn’t say his name, enough people seemed to figure out it was him that he ended up responding himself.

So basically, she says that he approached her initially under the guise of wanting to do business, and shows their text exchange.

Idol: I’m reaching out to you about a casting opportunity. Do you have a manager or an agency that represents you to discuss this?
Idol: Oh, I apologize. I should’ve introduced myself first. I’m [Censored], in the entertainment business.
[Censored Messages]
Haru: Hi, what kind of casting is this regarding?
Idol: Yes, hi.
Idol: I’m inquiring about the hot dance video that has gone viral on the streaming platforms.
Idol: May I ask if you’re under management at all?
Idol: What I want to pursue is giving you a track.
Idol: Also, riding out the trend, I would like to help you copyright the Kokain dance.
Idol: I’m running a big entertainment agency that handles everything from directing to producing.
Haru: I’m not represented. Are you offering to sign me under your management?

After that she explains she turned him down and stopped responding to his messages, but later he got in touch with her through another BJ, and says she responded to him then because she didn’t want rumors going around now that another party was involved.

Haru got on the phone with the idol and says it was a 95-minute convo that she recorded just in case. She says they talked business initially, but then he declared himself a fan and that he wanted to buy her out of AfreecaTV streaming and see her on Netflix and stuff, eventually making her uncomfortable. At that point she clarified that she was not interested in anything being offered, and he responded that he wanted to meet up in person.

The idol should’ve gotten the hint at least by now, but all this did not end up dissuading him, as she goes on to show messages on Instagram and KakaoTalk of him pursuing her … well, basically begging.

Idol: Please, give me a chance. Even 1% chance works, because I can put in the 99% of effort.
Idol: I promise you I can love and cherish you better than anyone else in this world. Please, let me.
Idol: You’re totally my type. I love your face, your voice, your drinking habits, your laugh, and even the shape of your teeth. You’re adorable.
Idol: I’m telling you how I feel about you right now because I’m afraid it’s now or never.
Haru: I thought about it but I’m not comfortable with this at all. I’m not in a place right now to try anything new or see anyone. I didn’t know how to turn you down because you’re a celebrity. But thank you for supporting me. I’ll root for your business, too. I’m so sorry.
Idol: Please, all I need is 1% of opportunity.
Idol: I’m going to be really sad if it’s over between us before you even give me a chance.
Idol: I’ll wait for your response.

Man, this is fucked up. It’s literally this meme except not a joke and in real life.

As you could probably guess by now, that was not the end of it, as he then sent money on her streams. She shows him messaging her daily and makes a point to show that she did not respond so that nobody could claim she was leading him on. Eventually, he changed his ID to make it obvious who it was after he won a lottery to have her write his ID on her cheek.

At this point Haru says she was uncomfortable and messaged him saying she’ll give him a complete refund if he would leave her alone.

Haru: You sent me star balloons today, right? I thought I was clear with you. I didn’t know for sure if you were watching or not and I didn’t want to make any assumptions. So I didn’t say anything. But, like I’ve told you before, I’m not interested in you. I’m not going to complete any of your requests, even if you send the star balloons. So please stop sending me any. What you’ve sent so far, I’m going to refund minus the transaction fee. Please leave me your bank information. And please do not pull this on me ever again.
Idol: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have revealed myself like that and I shouldn’t have made a scene. I got too excited about winning the draw. I apologize. [Censored], I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.
Idol: I won’t ever do that again. I won’t make you uncomfortable during your streams. Please trust me.
Idol: [Screenshot Of Idol’s Group Name On Her Cheek]

People probably know how this ended up playing out after she continued to reject him, which is he became angry with her and lashed out.

Idol: I started watching you on AfreecaTV because you stopped responding to me. But all I wanted was to grab one meal with you. And I found out that you offer a dinner date as a draw prize on your broadcasts. I wanted to win that opportunity, so I started watching you. I’ve told you from the beginning, though. All I ever wanted was a single meal.
Idol: I even took out loans so I could enter the draw to win a dinner date with you. But you’re so offended and uncomfortable with me for no reason. Fine. Listen. I thought you’re a sentimental woman. But you must have copied those quotes on your [social media] feed from someone else. Because you’re not as nice as those [posts] led me to believe. That’s not who you are.
Idol: Do you even know why I kept sending you the star balloons and requesting you to sing for me? Twice? I wanted to hear your voice in more detail. I wanted to hear your vocal range. You’re not even my type. I don’t like your face, your body, your dance, or your voice.
Idol: I told you I fell in love with you at first sight. How could you be so heartless to turn me down? I guess you think you’re all that, but I’ll be keeping an eye on you. Let’s see how long you can stay popular. I can’t believe you kicked me out of the broadcast when I had revealed who I was in front of everyone. Why would you embarrass me like that?

At that point Haru says she got upset at him, feeling like he tried to take advantage of her cause he thought she was easy, which is why she made the video. She concludes by showing proof that she sent him ~$1400 in refunds.

Fucking yikes, man.


Okay, but how do we know it’s Moon Junyoung, right? Well, she never actually said his name, but some of this happened on stream so it presumably wasn’t too hard to find. Though it was certainly made easier when he commented under the video and told on himself, defending his actions and threatening lawsuits.

“I will pursue legal action against those who leave comments under this video. I will not tolerate this. I hope you’re aware that I can press defamation charges if you choose to discuss my name [in association with the video] based on speculations.”

He then says he’ll talk about it on his own channel once he hits 100,000 subscribers, though at the time of this post he has less than 8000 subscribers, so it’s gonna be a while.

“This must be the video in which I’m mentioned. I’m going to talk about this video on my own channel. Please subscribe to find out more about what happened. Once I hit 100,000 subscribers, I’ll spill the tea. So go ahead. And Haru, you really got all the attention you wanted out of this.”

In the mean time, he’s threatening legal action to the press because he claims all he wanted to do with her was music business.

In a conversation with Chosun, Junyoung claimed that he had reached out to BJ Haru purely “for a music business offer, neither for sponsorship nor for dating.” Junyoung asserted that he will take legal action not just against BJ Haru but against all netizens who have mentioned ‘sponsorship’ for defamation.

Notable that he doesn’t really have a response to her claims at all, much less deny the authenticity of the evidence she provides. And it’s a lot.

Remember, the guy texted her this at one point, You’re totally my type. I love your face, your voice, your drinking habits, your laugh, and even the shape of your teeth. You’re adorable.” Gonna have to mark me down as skeptical in terms of his claims.


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