Naeun withdraws from A Pink, according to agency statement + she confirms in handwritten letter

About a year ago, A Pink‘s Naeun left IST Entertainment but remained in the girl group. She then signed with YG Entertainment for her work as an actress. Situations where members aren’t under the same company are always hard to make work, and for A Pink’s latest comeback she participated in the recording but did not promote with the group due to scheduling issues.

Now IST has announced that Naeun will be withdrawing from the group.

“Apink will continue their activities as five members ahead of the release of their 11th anniversary song. Son Naeun will conclude her group activities and the two parties will cheer for each other as they go on their separate paths. Since Apink’s activities in February for their special album, we have held in depth discussions about the future direction of group activities with the members. All six members and staff from both IST and YG met in person to share their opinions on the group activities. After careful consideration, this decision was recently made. Since this decision was not made lightly, we would like to support all future activities by respecting the opinions of the members who chose to be considerate of each others’ wishes.”

Naeun then confirmed it on Instagram with a handwritten letter.

Historically at least, the writing was somewhat on the wall for this since she was the only member of A Pink to leave the company. However, considering their revitalization since their switch to a maturer concept she seemed to be a great fit going forward, but obviously her focus was on acting. Really, it’s just a shame that she wasn’t able to participate in the promotions of their previous comeback.


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