IOK Company rebrands ELRIS as ALICE

ELRIS hasn’t had a comeback since February of 2020, and fans haven’t gotten an update from them since about late 2021. In December of that year, it was revealed that the group was now under B.I.‘s company IOK Entertainment, but it was radio silence since. Well at least now there’s an explanation for that, as they were preparing for a rebranding as ALICE, one that they announced today.

A welcome sight, as really the last time they made headlines besides the company switch was Yukyung promoting the group while working part-time at a restaurant (well, that and Bella looking like the Naevis).

It’s still a seven-member lineup, but a Yeonjae is in there instead of Hyeseong, no idea if that’s just a name change or not. The easy comparison here is Dreamcatcher, who successfully rebranded after three years as MINX, but this is a bit more daunting as it’s been five years as ELRIS.

Either way, it seems promising that a comeback will follow, as prior to this they really seemed a bit dead in the water.


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