Quick Reviews: Moonbyul’s “C.I.T.T” welcomes our pop-rock overlords + appreciation for her eclectic choices

Alright, am I the only one who will admit to reading this as “C.L.I.T” initially and being blown away by not having seen such sexual openness since Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Warm Hole“, only to realize much later it was “C.I.T.T“? Goddammit.

Anyway, I’m not quite in love with “C.I.T.T”, as right now I feel it’s sort of on the generic side of pop-rock for me. That said, it’s still like on the good side of generic where it’s fun to listen to and I enjoy it, which is a welcome change and a reason I welcome the new pop-rockish trend.

I also wanted to write this to highlight my appreciation for Moonbyul’s eclectic musical choices, from laid-back R&B, loud & aggressive boy group dance, new jack swing, deep house, sensual R&B, and a lot of shit between.

While one way to go about things it to develop a consistent sound that’s your own, it’s also interesting if you do solid work that’s unpredictable as hell. I dunno if Moonbyul’s solos are necessarily the best, but for somebody who is written off at times as the least talented in MAMAMOO, her solo career is definitely the most interesting out of them to me.


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