Rundown: Miyeon, E’LAST, Soyou, Monsta X, Lee Su Jeong, others

Mainly there’s one standout that deviates from the latest boy group trend that’s interesting. Other than that, a lot of pleasant but forgettable stuff.


Lee Su Jeong – “Walk The Moon”

If you don’t recognize the name, it’s former Lovelyz member Baby Soul with a trop house solo effort and she doesn’t really have the right vocal to carry it as there’s a lot of sharpness/shrillness to it.


Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) – “Drive”

Yeah, sorta feel the same way as above about this. It’s cute, light, and sentimental but the delivery isn’t appealing to me and the instrumental isn’t anything noteworthy.


Yoon Ji Sung – “Bloom”

Safe and pleasant but quite forgettable for me.


E’LAST – “Creature”

Actually found this interesting just for the fact that it has an anti-drop that opts for almost complete silence aside from the bass over random noise. I can’t tell if it’s intriguing just cause it did something different or I actually enjoy it, but it’s neat.


Soyou (Feat. BE’O) – “Business”

Good to fall asleep to in the living room accidentally when you meant to just close your eyes for a bit. Also, I still don’t get how or why BE’O became a thing.


DKB – “Sober”

All of the tracks like this … I guess if you’re a dancer this kind of stuff is useful, but I just could never imagine seeking this out to listen to.



Fascinating that as everybody goes with hyper-aggressive sounds that are kinda Monsta X-esque that they kind tone things down. Always felt they do it well and this is a nice effort again, though it does get a bit repetitive on multiple listens.


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