PSY breaks out a medley of hits for Dingo FreeStyle’s ‘Killing Verse’, including my fave from him

After taking a few days to bask in the glory of PSY‘s ‘Killing Verse‘ feature from Dingo FreeStyle, I remembered that I should probably make a post about it, so here we are.

The medley goes “Bird“, “I LUV IT“, “Champion“, “Entertainer“, “Right Now“, “Gangnam Style“, “New Face“, “Fact“, “9INTRO“, “GANJI“, and finally to the recent single “That That”.

The main unfortunate thing about his international breakout is him becoming known to most as more of a comedic type of act in nature, and while he inarguably leans into that, he also simply has a lot of great songs. Pure entertainer.

I think out of his singles “Right Now” is still his best, the combination of frantic energy, physical humor, and catchy hooks is what he’s about.


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