ENHYPEN’s security comes under fire for treatment of fans, but they did what they were supposed to do

Members of ENHYPEN‘s security team have come under fire from netizens after media reported that some of them allegedly assaulted female fans who came to see the group at the airport.


After arriving at Incheon International Airport, ENHYPEN were greeted by swarming fans and were surrounded by security tasked to protect the group.

In the videos circulating, members of security can be seen using physical force against several women to push them away from the group, and backlash on social media rose.

But after viewing the videos and seeing what the incidents were, it’s difficult to have much sympathy for the fans given the chaotic situation they themselves were creating, and considering what the job of security teams are.

I’m not saying security shouldn’t use restraint, but in this case they mainly just cleared a path through the horde and protected the personal space of the group against fans and media who seemed intent on rushing towards them, attempting to touch them, and doing who knows what. Honestly, one could go further and say there were security clearly struggling to keep fans away, especially in the back, and that could’ve been a problem.

Fans would absolutely and rightly complain about lack of security if anybody with bad intentions got close enough to do harm, so it’s absolutely a safety issue and they were doing their job. Furthermore, I have minimal sympathy for the type of fans who ambush celebrities and make themselves potential threats like this, as they’re engaging in essentially stalker-esque behavior to begin with.


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