B-Side Spotlight: April 2022 (PSY, IVE, Dreamcatcher, Onew, Miyeon, Monsta X, HA:TFELT, YOUNITE, ICHILLIN’, more)

Every month I sit down to put together these playlists and I am faced with just how much there is to listen to. My playlist of idol B-sides this month clocked in at over nine hours long, so this one was a lot of work.

I’ve cobbled it down to … a number.

Let’s go!


Kwon Eun Bi – “Colors”

Kim Hye Rim – “Fly High Up In The Sky”

IVE – “Royal”

GHOST9 – “Always All Ways”

Onew (SHINee) – “Sunshine”

EPEX – “Burnout”

Dreamcatcher – “Together”

(My girls! A comeback!!! I really wish they’d tour to the UK again…)

JUST B – “Make It New”

HA:TFELT – “Every Love”


(This mini has so many bops, is that allowed?)

BOL4 – “Love Story”

Kim Sung Kyu (INFINITE) – “Fog”


Monsta X – “Breathe”

Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) – “Softly”

E’Last – “Poison”

Busters – “Aiya

Soyou (Feat. Davii) – “Tree”

ICHILLIN’ – “1+1”

(They deserve all of the fans and all of the success. They’re cute and they have bops.)

Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) – “My Moon”

PSY (Feat. Tablo (Epik High)) – “ForEVER”

(Really, was I going to pick any other track, though?)


And that’s it!

As always, let me know which were your favourite B-sides during April, and happy listening.

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