BIBI amusingly draws some backlash for ‘seducing’ a university student during “Best Lover” performance at festival

The university festival season is happening, and everybody seems excited that live performances are back on the menu. BIBI appeared to be hyped as well, recently performing at Korea University’s festival and in particular gained attention for calling up a fan during her “Best Lover” performance and ‘seducing’ him.

Now to people who aren’t Puritan weirdos, this is … I mean, honestly nothing. I really wasn’t even going to cover it at first despite people freaking out about how cool it was or whatever on Twitter because I thought it was nothing noteworthy.

But of course … of course, I should know better by now, as a segment of Korean netizens were predictably critical of this because it was sexual in nature, so I guess in that sense what she’s doing is pushing limits. However, it wasn’t even really the reactions in Korea that confused me, but more so a segment of international netizens that started to agree with them, calling it cringe and edgy and inappropriate and all kinds of shit.

Anyway, point being please just remember what these types of people consider “edgy” and how at their core they’re just conservative as hell.

Anyway, stream “The Weekend”.


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