AleXa & GHOST9 run K-pop dance boot camp for streamers on Pokimane’s Twitch channel

In a crossover that I was not aware was happening previously, and thus one that scrambled my brain a bit, AleXa and GHOST9 appeared on Pokimane‘s Twitch stream in Maroo Entertainment‘s practice room along with streamers jakenbakeLIVE, waterlynn, ariasaki, iGumdrop, and milktpapi.

They did a short (in terms of typical stream length at least) K-pop dance boot camp thing that was streamed on the channel of Pokimane and her 9.2 million followers.

They tapped out after one move, which I also probably would’ve done.

If them collectively doing gyaru peace was not enough, they also did an Elden Ring meme.

I’m telling you, companies could basically print money by having them stream with subs and donations on, and most of them already stream on like V Live or whatever anyway. A bit unethical to bilk the most parasocial fans of the lot? Sure, but hell they realistically do that anyway in the rest of their practices.

Anyway, that was a pleasant surprise.


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