Rapper Sleepy wins $150k+ in unpaid wages from TSE, acquitted of defamation against TSE

At the end of October of last year, rapper Sleepy won a lawsuit that his former company TS Entertainment filed, accusing him of violating an exclusive contract. Now it’s been revealed that Sleepy has been awarded ~150,000 in unpaid advances and appearance fees (plus delayed damages) in his suit against TSE. Additionally, he was acquitted of defamation after TSE filed suit against him for that as well. Unfortunately, despite being a three-year long battle already, this isn’t really over as appeals can still come.

The rapper also posted to his personal Instagam announcing the judgment, showing relief that he wasn’t being unreasonable in the legal battle he fought the last three years. He thanks everybody who has believed in him and his lawyer.

Normally a long process like this is exactly what companies rely on as they can usually use their resources to drag things out, which discourages individuals from engaging legally … but in TSE’s case I’m more concerned about how the hell Sleepy is going to get his money from them given that they basically don’t exist anymore and seem to only be in operation to sue former artists at this point.

Regardless, congrats to him.


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